Our Story

The Birth of a Great Idea

Ideal Market opened their first store on Ursulines street in New Orleans in 2000. They quickly gain a reputation in the neighborhood for their fresh products, fair pricing, and great relationships with their customers. The vision and imagination of the owners provided the foundation for their rapidly growing grocery empire.

From its inception, Ideal Market has been committed to provide their customers with the highest quality, authentic Hispanic food products at a competitive price, all while maintaining the highest standards in service, product quality, flavor, and authenticity.

We are a Family

The valued employees of Ideal Market are one of the main reasons for our success and unprecedented growth. We’ve always believed that employees can have a tremendous effect on sales and profitability, and we have been blessed with a team whose #1 priority is customer satisfaction.

To us, our employees are family, and you can be part of our Ideal team.

Develop your Skills

Our commitment with our employees is to offer a secure job, as well as promoting their professional development within the company.

We encourage all qualified team members to apply for any open positions in the company as they expand their knowledge, develop their skills and enhance their value to the Ideal Market team.


Store #2

250 South Broad

New Orleans


Store #6

3805 Hessmer Ave


Hessmer Location


Store #7

653 Terry Parkway



Store #8

1817 S Sherwood Forest Blvd

Baton Rouge


Store #9

4421 Airline Drive



Store #10

3601 Williams Blvd



Store #11

9301 Burbank Dr

Baton Rouge


Store #12


Coming Soon!